Monday, February 16, 2009


Madrid is the capital of Spain and is located in the middle of the country. The city is actually the third largest in population in Europe, making for a lot to see.

One of the visual highlights is the amount and variation in architecture. Many of the older buildings still reflect Moorish ancestry (from the 1100s) while sometimes also combining French characteristics. The Catedral de la Almudena was built over 400 years, so is the perfect example of a mix of different eras. The building pictured (City Hall) is an example of the intricacies that many of the buildings are decorated with. Don't be fooled though. Over the last couple decades, Madrid has modernized some parts of town. For instance, the financial district looks just as the financial district of Boston looks.

As for things to actually do, Madrid has plenty to offer. The nightlife would be exhausting if completely examined. There is at least one weekend during the year where all of the younger people will dance and party the whole weekend and just shower the morning that they have to go to work. So do not worry, you will find a good time if you go out at night.

Then there are the cultural things of Spain to bring another twist. Madrid has the largest Bullfighting ring in Spain and is said to be the world center of the sport. Seating over 25,000 people, there is some space for you to get to see the action. Fights are held everyday for a couple months, and every sunday for six months of the year. If bullfighting isn't your cup of tea, you could go to a football (as in soccer) game. These games are CRAZY. Football in Spain is the equivalent of American football plus baseball plus basketball in the United States. Madrid is home of the team Real Madrid and has hosted the FIFA World Cup before. Just be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for tickets.

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  1. Madrid is somewhere that I really want to go!! I took three years of Spanish in high school and every two years there was a trip offered for us to go to Spain for two weeks over the summer. We would see the sights and live with a Spanish family for a week. I didn't end up going because I went to Greece instead. It sounds like Madrid has so much to offer! I will definitely be going there one day.