Friday, February 6, 2009


Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Islands. Being a volcanic island, it has features that are not common to all islands. It was made by two volcanoes that are so close that they have connected to form one island with an isthmus in between. The volcanoes are now starting to erode which is forming a valley; this is why it has the nickname Valley Isle. Because of the diverse geography, there is so much to be done on the island.
The most famous part of Maui would have to be the beaches. They aren’t surrounding the whole island, but the ones that exist are amazing. The surfing is extraordinary for the adventurous type, and the sand is soft for the relaxed type. There is something for everybody on this sand, and everybody can have the day of their dreams.
The flora is also something that locals can brag about. From the beautiful palm trees to a botanical garden, Maui is full of beautiful plants. The palm trees give the island its exotic feel and some much needed shade during the day. There are also many exotic flowers including the bird of paradise at the gardens.
Some other activities that are popular consist of biking, hiking, SCUBA diving, fine dining, driving tours, whale watching, and the ever popular luaus. Many people will go to the top of the highest mountain to watch the sunrise, than will bike down to the beaches for the day. There is also extensive hiking for the outdoors type around the two mountains. The SCUBA diving is also ranked in the top five in the world, with plenty of sharks and underwater creatures. Hotels will also offer driving tours, the best restaurants, as well as the luaus.
Maui has been said to be the best island around the world for active travelers. With the amazing scenery, this is the perfect spot to rejuvenate the mind that is tired of working.

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  1. I went to Maui over the summer. It was so awesome! One of my favorite things about the island was the extreme diversity of it. Let's say you start out in the middle of downtown Honolulu which seems like a big city. By traveling only a few miles, you can find yourself in a desert type location. A few more miles and you can see the beautiful rain forests and magical waterfalls. There are beaches with waves and rip tides strong enough to kill a full grown man parts of the year and beaches where all there is to do is relax. It's an expensive trip, but it is worth it. If you make friends with the locals, they even show you secret about beaches free from crowds. Definetly a trip everyone should make before they kick the bucket.